" When you need a teacher who is completely competent and teaches straight from the heart go see Johnathan"- Nevine Michaan (founder of Katonah Yoga)

"Johnathan is a highly proficient teacher who has assisted many workshops and trainings with me. He has always shown a dedication to offering the highest quality of instruction, and proven himself able to successfully teach any level of student from beginner to advanced. He has a deep understanding of the subtleties and complexity of the physical practice of yoga, and is able to disseminate his knowledge of movement, form, and alignment with an ease and grace that is simultaneously dynamic yet profoundly accessible. Furthermore, Johnathan is one of the first teachers who I have personally authorized to teach "Liquid Flow Yoga", which is a style that has developed over fifteen years out of intense study and practice with skillful teachers such as Shiva Rea, Joan White, Dharma Mittra,and Maty Ezraty."- Simon Park (Yoga Superstar)

"I have known Jonathan for over three years.  He started as a student in the teacher training program at the studio, but as his knowledge and teaching have grown tenfold over the last couple of years, he has become a colleague.  He is reliable, hard-working and knowledgeable, and would be a valuable addition."-Alex Holmes(Yoga Teacher)

"His students have excellent alignment and form"- Mark Nelson (owner of the Yoga Garden)

"Thanks for a perfect class and awesome adjustments!"- Kelly Love ( Yoga Teacher)

'I've spent at least 40 hours driving this week and another 30 in meetings or at my desk. Thanks for helping me break out of it the great class yesterday.'-nate Trager (environmentalist)

"Johnathan Raiss Thank you thank you thank you! Great class. You are the very best teacher."-Suzie Welsh (Reproductive Endocrinologist)

Johnathon taught me how to time travel. He is superhuman. Take his class and learn to fly ! Fun- Hagit Whitaker

"I will not miss your class tomorrow even if a pigeon swoops down from the sky and carries me off! I will be there!-Erica Bleznak

"John's class saved my life. Before it there was no meaning, no hope, just nothing…now everything is so very different."-Belinda